Thursday, September 20

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One of my favorite kid's shows out there is definitely the rebooted version of 
The Electric Company.

This show is da bomb dot com.
I admit it, there are times that I've watched the show
(which I've seen every episode of, multiple times)
while my kiddos were not even in the room.

There is more diversity on this show than a lot of others that I have seen 
(one of the reasons the hubs and I love PBS so much).

The show has such a big learning aspect,
mixed with pure fun!!

Here are a few of my favorite raps from the show.

Be warned :: they can easily get stuck in the ol' noggin.

Silent E is a Ninja

Hard and Soft G

 Pure genius, I tell you!



  1. Silent E is a Ninja is my personal favorite.

    I agree about the diversity on this show, and as a mama of a little one of mixed ethnicity, that's really important to me (which you most likely understand). Also, not to be a total creeper, but Hector is pretty. Heh. ;)

    I wish there were more than just a couple seasons, though. Get on that, PBS.

  2. Electric Company is the best! Some newer shows are better than what we had growing up. This is a great example. Heck even Sesame Street seems better than I remember. They're definitely a lot funnier. Phineas and Ferb, Johnny Test, Word Girl... The humor is actually really good but definitely over the heads of the kids watching them.

  3. Ang - Yes! There needs to be MORE Electric Company! And, of course, we love, love the diversity that PBS brings to their shows.

    B - There are definitely shows out there that as adults are more fun to watch. I love all the ones you listed, plus some! I still have a soft spot in my heart for all the "oldies" though. :)


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