Thursday, October 4

(not so) guilty pleasures :: paramore

(not so) guilty pleasure - something that you openly admit to finding immense joy in, that others feel (or think you should feel) embarrassment in.

Some years back I bought the Paramore album Riot!.
While I liked a few songs off of it, I really didn't give it much thought.
Fast forward to the year after Riot! came out and the pandemonium 
surrounding Twilight (hmmm....another post for another time?!),
who won the coveted spot of releasing the lead single from the soundtrack?
If you guessed Paramore, you get a cookie (that you must now procure for yourself).
If not, you might want to reread the above paragraph.

With this single, my love for Hayley Williams and the rest of the guys grew.
Their music is just fun.
She is a spunky little fireball with a serious set of lungs.
And it goes without saying, she has one of the raddest heads of hair ever.
This was witnessed first hand by yours truly when I (along with 3 of my nearest and dearest) made the northbound trek to Dallas to see them during the Honda Civic Tour in 2010.
Pure energy and fun I tell you.

I give you the video for crushcrushcrush, one of my favorite Paramore songs.
And one of my "go to" songs while playing Rock Band.

Also, please enjoy the wonderful video for Decode, which truly planted the
I heart Paramore seed in this girl.
Side note: Hayley's hair color in this video is my dream color. If I ever grow a pair.


Is there a band out there that you love that others goad you about?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. True story: There is a still from the "Decode" video printed out around here somewhere, because one day, I *will* have hair that color. But it'll be purple first. ;)

    I, personally, love Paramore's Riot! album, and I loved their additions to the Twilight soundtrack.

    Man, that show was pretty awesome. Can't believe it's been 2 years since then!

  2. PS I get a lot of crap about liking Christina Aguilera, but the fact remains that her second English album was the most affordable form of therapy ever, and I've had to replace it twice. Also, she can sing the crap out of anything (and usually, I don't even mind when she shows off a bit too much).

    The end.

  3. bleh Paramore. Go back into the closet about that one. ; )


  4. Ang - that show *was* awesome! Good times!

    B - whatevs.


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