Thursday, November 1

happy day after halloween!

Is everyone crashing from the sugar rush from yesterday yet?
My kids sure haven't.
They have just as much (or more) energy today as they did before all the festivities of Halloween.
Maybe because they're still eating candy?!

For the most part our Halloween was pretty low key.
We all had our normal work/school schedule during the day.
Of course, there were Halloween festivities at each of the aforementioned places.
Yesterday evening Audrey and I did carve a pumpkin, a first for both of us!
Yes, my name is Jen, I am 29 years old and had NEVER carved a pumpkin.
We also roasted the pumpkin seeds. So good.

At around 6pm we put the kids in their costumes and eventually headed out for an hour of trick or treating.
Lawson chilled in the stroller the whole time and Audrey was as cute as ever, loving every minute.
After all was said and done, we got in the car and drove thru Short Stop for burgers (Lawson promptly fell asleep on the drive).
 The kids were put to bed and the hubs and I weren't too far behind. :)

All in all it was a great day!
I hope you and yours had a fabulous day as well.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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