Monday, December 31

goodbye. hello.

Tonight as we say goodbye to 2012,
I will be saying a fond farewell to a year that has been good to me.
We had no major events happen this year.
Pretty much the same ol', same ol'. 
Where there haven't been any HUGE announcements of good news, we also haven't had any bad announcements to make either.
We are leaving this year happy and content with life.
We have a nice, warm place to live.
Food in our bellies.
Jobs that pay our bills.
Clothes on our backs.
Two happy and healthy and growing youngsters.
Our health.
A super happy and fulfilling relationship between the hubs and I.

It has been a pretty good year, if I do say so.

I do look forward to what 2013 holds though.
There will be milestones, my 30th birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary to be exact.
We will (eventually) be moving out of the place that we have called home for the last 3 years.
And I'm sure hoping that there will be a few personal and professional accomplishments in there as well.

So, bring it on, 2013!
I'm ready for you!


Happy New Year's!!!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. We didn't even have to use our AK. I gotta say it was a good year.

  2. Cheers to a happy year, and best wishes for the one ahead! <3


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