Wednesday, March 6

these kids of mine! :: audrey

I've been thinking that a little update on my kiddos is past due.
And honestly, I might start gearing more of my posts toward a familial theme.
The moments of my kids' lives are beyond precious and I don't want there memory to fad into oblivion.
So I will be adding more updates on things happening with them (or us as a family), as a diary of sorts.

My little Sweet Pea.
This girl is going to be celebrating her 7th birthday next month and I'm baffled as to where the time went.
It's true when you hear that once you have kids, time flies.
Audrey LOVES to sing and dance.
She will often ask you to stop what you're doing and watch her perform.
One of the things that she's picked up lately is dancing along to the demo songs on our keyboard.
There is this one song in particular that has a sort of eighties feel to it and, without fail, on the song's closing note she does this one handed punch in the air, over her head while throwing her head back move. It might be hard to envision based on my description, but trust me when I say it is both awesome and hilarious.
Audrey is also starting to pick up on her daddy's snark.
Joke telling has never been her forte, but she's starting to get down the dry humor responses that her daddy (and sometimes mommy) doles out.
Needless to say, it's becoming lots of fun to hear what she comes up with.
Last month she took a test to somewhat gauge her reading level.
My little bookworm is reading at a 5th grade level with 120 words read per minute!
A few weeks back Audrey got her FIRST HAIRCUT EVER!
She's had about one teeny tiny trim a year since she was 3, but this was the first time any real amount of length came off.

Before the big snip.

Post haircut.

At first we were both super nervous (hello, heart palpitations!).
But as this is somethings she'd been wanting to do for awhile, I knew it was time to take the plunge.
 And let me tell you, the shorter hair looks SO FREAKING CUTE on her!!
She was so pleased with it and ran around the house for the rest of the afternoon yelling about how much she LOVED it!
To be quite honest, it really isn't "short" in the traditional sense, her hair still falls below shoulder level, but it is a vast difference from what she previously had.

We are also full swing into losing baby teeth.
The last tooth that she lost gave her a gap three teeth wide across the top.
Her two middle teeth have finally started growing in after being MIA for a few months.
And loose tooth number 8 will be making its way into the tooth fairy's pouch before long.
This mama is just glad that the pulling of the teeth (once they are SUPER loose) has unofficially been deemed daddy's job!

A few months ago Audrey decided that she doesn't like chocolate (GASP!).
She's okay with chocolate ice cream or chocolate frosting (and chocolate milk or cereal), but anything with chocolate chips in it? 
No way, Jose!
She also does not like chocolate candy.
Outside of that she is my meat and dairy girl.
She loves steak, hamburger patties, chicken, pork, you name it.
And she is beyond okay with the fact that she is eating animals.
As a matter of fact, one day she came home from school and was telling me about her lunch (she gets the school lunch tray).
I guess she asked for a foil pouch that she thought contained a stuffed spud, but when she opened it she found that it was a burger. 
After taking two bites of it, she realized that it was a VEGETARIAN BURGER!
At least that was how she exclaimed it to me.
When I asked if she finished it she said, "NO! MOM, IT WAS A VEGETARIAN BURGER!!", like she just couldn't believe the injustice of it all.
Daddy is proud! ;)

I have just realized that this is already turning into a SUPER long post, so I will stop here and bring you some Lawson tidbits tomorrow.

Hopefully this finds you having a superb Wednesday!
peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. LOVE her haircut! And I do so enjoy hearing stories about your adorable kiddos. <3

  2. Our "Itty Bitty Sweet Pea" will be 7 next month, not next year:) Time sure flies! Xoxo's from Nana

  3. Mandy - Thanks! On both points. :)

    Mom - Oops! I guess I was just hoping that I could keep her small for another year. ;)


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