Friday, August 23

POPS of color.

Something that I love to see in home design pictures is a relatively neutral with a huge POP or FLASH of color.
While this will probably never happen in my house (I'm too much of a hoarder collector of things regardless of color), it's still nice to look at.

Hello, neon!
I'm seriously in lust with that door color.

Turquoise has long been my favorite color, and not only is the color of this table perfection in my mind, but I also love the sleek, glossy finish.


Why yes, that is a bubblegum pink cuckoo clock with a deer head attached to the top.
Conversation starter right there.

This, right here, is my dream fridge.
I simply adore vintage refrigerators and the mint color just makes it that much cooler (pun intended;).

I really do just love brightly colored statement pieces.
Might have to get myself one or two....or ten. ;)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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