Monday, April 14

hello monday.

hello to a stormy and lazy morning!
We've had a storm front move through the area this morning,
which means colder temps, and lots of wind, rain, and rumbling thunder.
The weather has made me super thankful for a morning at home with my two little loves.
We slept in a bit and watched some cartoons,
and then I made them a perfect lazy morning breakfast of pancakes!!
I truly cherish my Monday mornings,
since I work Sundays, Monday has become the second day of my weekend.
The only thing missing is the hubs. <3

hello to routines that make me happy!
I never would have thought that having a cleaning routine in place would bring me so much joy and pleasure, but it really has!!
Mondays and Fridays are my "major" cleaning days.
Throughout the week I have peace of mind knowing that twice a week the floors get vacuumed and mopped, the toilets get cleaned, the laundry gets done, the trash gets emptied, the furniture gets dusted, and more.
My kids are coming to know what to expect on these days and are even having fun pitching in and helping with the chores.
I'm also realizing that whether it be a quick clean during the week or even when it comes to the deeper cleans, everything is now moving much faster and is accomplished in a lot less time than it used to take.
Also, having our home fully cleaned on these two specific days sets me up for both a good work week and then a great Saturday with my family!

hello to having an 8 year old!
Last Thursday our little Audrey turned eight!!
And let me tell you, this girl is something else.
She has such a sweet heart and wants to be friends with everyone.
She also has SO MUCH spunk and sass (Lord help me when she's a teenager!).
She is such an awesome combination of girly girl and I guess what you call a tomboy.
She loves video games, and superheroes, and to run around and play tag until she's a sweaty mess,
but she'll do it all while wearing a pretty dress and sparkly sandals.
She loves to read and write and draw and craft.
I love the little girl that she's turned into and I can't wait to see what this next year holds for her!!

hello to the school year winding down!
Public schools here don't get out until the first part of June,
but here at home we're headed into the last leg of the school year in some of our curricula.
Audrey has had a phenomenal first year homeschooling and barring some major change of heart we will continue homeschooling for the 2014-15 school year as well.
She has exceeded my expectations in so many ways this year and I'm excited to type it all out for a future post!
Also, with the end of the school year approaching, it means that my work schedule will slow down considerably.
This time of year is very bittersweet,
slow work means slow pay,
but it also means being home more and I won't lie when I say that this slower period is what helps keep me going at sometimes breakneck paces throughout the school year.
Although it's looking like this summer should be a bit busier than last,
fingers crossed.

And as always,
hello to you!!


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