Monday, May 9

hello monday!

hello to writing again!
I've been feeling the urge to blog again. Add that to several people consistently whispering in my ear about it, and here I am! I hope to make this a more regular endeavor again. Really blogging sort of feels like cheap therapy to me, and being a working and homeschooling mama, it's nice to have a creative outlet outside of perusing Instagram and Pinterest.

hello to jumping back into life after vacation!
Last week we were fortunate enough to take a trip down to the coast with my parents and brother. It's been nearly two years since our last vacation, so it was long overdue. Five days of beach living with little to no cooking and cleaning?! Yes, please!!! It was a wonderful time filled with lovely memories, but now we're back home. I'm feeling refreshed and ready to jump back into "normal" life again.

hello to school planning!
This year has been a transitional one in our homeschooling. Honestly I started the year feeling stagnant, and kind of uninspired. Then I started listening to homeschooling podcasts. That was the jumping off point to having inspiration bubble up inside of me. So now, it's putting that all on paper. We've always pretty much been year-round schoolers, but this summer I'm ready to be even more intentional about it. So I'm currently planning out the rest of Audrey's 4th grade year, the beginning of her 5th grade year, and the beginning of Lawson's Kindergarten year!

hello to new baby adventures!
Penny turned 10 months old on Saturday! I'm dumbfounded by how fast this year has seemingly gone. As of last week she's doing more of a crawl/frog hop thing than her normal army crawling. And she's decided that she's ready to pull herself to standing. She also seems to have gotten more curious and exploratory this last week. So now there's even more of pulling her away from/off of things, picking up things that we don't want her in, and redirecting her from those things that can't easily be moved. Let the adventures of having a fully mobile and curious baby begin!

hello to more time at home!
Along with the ending of April comes the "slow" season at work. A lot of our regular meetings have ended for the summer, so that means more downtime at home for us. Work in May has slowed WAY down, and June and July look to be even slower. While this kind of sucks in the paycheck department, it also opens up time for more home-based projects to be accomplished. I'm looking forward to getting into a good routine at home with the kiddos. My kids thrive on routine! Also, since it gets SO HOT outside during Texas summers, this is the perfect time to really delve into all the nooks and crannies of schooling. Hopefully I'll also be able to get into more regular blogging, and can catch up on my reading and tv list.


hello to you! 


  1. Yay!! So proud of you Jen.kerp up the good work!!

  2. Yay!! So proud of you Jen.kerp up the good work!!


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