Wednesday, August 24

bamf - brian williams

You might not know this, but Brian Williams is a BAMF!

Not only does he anchor the most watched evening news program (without a college degree, I might add), but he is effortlessly funny.
From his cameos on 30 Rock to hosting SNL. From his Slow Jams with Jimmy Fallon to impersonating Regis Philbin. This guy has deadpan comedy down pat.

Here are a couple of clips of the comedic genius that is Mr. Brian Williams.

Hosting SNL.

On The Late Show.

Oh, and this year, Mr. Williams entered the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame.


  1. Dude. I totes knew Mr. Williams was a BAMF! haha. His SNL episode had both K and I rolling. I don't think I'll ever forget him checking his voicemail to hear... his own message to himself. lol.

    Nice little tidbit there about his being on some best-dressed lists. And I had no idea he didn't have any sort of degree. Awesome.


  2. Ang - Isn't he awesome?!

    Bryan - Along with Jon Stewart, of course. It seems you have a "type". Smart, funny guys in suits. ;)


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