Tuesday, August 23

it goes so fast

My baby girl started Kindergarten yesterday.
Wasn't it just the other day that I was itching to get out of my hospital bed to go to the NICU to hold my 7 weeks premature girl? Didn't she just amaze me by rolling over; sitting up; crawling; walking? It seems like I was just beaming with joy when A said her first word, which was Gordy, the name of our dog at the time. Was it seriously 4 1/2 years ago that I finally let go enough to move her to her own bedroom? And now, that brown eyed beauty is officially in elementary school? How can this be? I know that in the blink of an eye things are going to change again. She'll want to have a slumber party with her friends. School dances and boys are going to be in the forefront of her mind at one point. I know I will cry the day that she gets her driver's license and takes off down the road for the first time. One day she is going to have a job and be independent of both myself and her dad. She will move out and be on her own in the world (although, she did tell me that I can visit her whenever I want). There will come a day when I try to hold it together while her daddy is walking her down the aisle towards the man of her dreams.
And one day she'll understand just how much I love, cherish and adore her, when she holds her own babies in her arms.


  1. Jennnnn. I am officially sniffle-sobbing at my desk.

    Time flies. And while we want it to, while watching our kids grow up is the most fulfilling, amazing thing, it's also terrifying. And while you're in it, it seems to go so slowly, every moment a miniature eternity, but then it flies, and all of a sudden, they're starting school and graduating and getting married, and all of sudden that quick-moving time is terrible and overwhelming.

    It's crazy how everything has two sides, isn't it?

    Right now, all I want to go is go snuggle with B.

    I'm sure you'll do that same with L, and A when your big girl comes home from school.


  2. I know. It's incredible how fast it goes, yet how slow it seems while we're going through the stages. While we're potty training or weaning or going through a rebellious phase with our kids, we're constantly reminding ourselves that it won't last forever. And that's true, it goes by in the blink of an eye.


  3. You guys are such awesome parents. And I know you'll enjoy everything as much as you can. <3

    Although it's bittersweet, congrats to A on starting school!


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