Monday, August 29

dreaming of :: fall :: cardigans

Along with the weather changes and yummy food, another thing that Fall brings is wonderful, snuggly clothing in great colors.

The clothing pieces that I'm coveting the most are boots, scarves and cardigans.
Being from Central Texas, the weather that comes with Fall is generally pretty mild, so our "fall-wear" is pretty lightweight.

I'm probably most looking forward to wearing soft, cozy cardigans.

Even during the winter I would rather be wearing a cardigan of some sort, rather than a coat.

I love the idea of layering your clothes.
The way it looks, as well as the functionality.

Plus, they can be part of your everyday wear, with jeans, tees and sneakers,
you can just as easily dress them up for a nice dinner out.
See? Multi-functional.

From long, over sized, scarf-like cardigans to bright, striped ones, I'm in love!

All photos via Pinterest.

What is your favorite Fall accessory?


  1. Love these cardigans! I really need to get my hands on some for fall!

  2. THANK you so much for linking up Jen! I LOVE cardigans too! So great for layering! I love that yellow and white one!

  3. I think I need that pink/white striped one. Like, yesterday. haha.

    I love cardigans myself - in fact, I bought one from Target the other day that is made up of my two favorite colors: Gray and Teal. :D

    Aside from that, I love scarves, but never get to wear them, it seems. :)

  4. Jessica - I love the yellow and white one too!! I really need some more of that mustard color in my wardrobe. :)

    Ang - Isn't it pretty?! I love the length of it! I really like scarves too, and am determined to wear them more this fall/winter. :)

    Natassia - Me too! Thanks for stopping by!


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