Monday, August 29

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Another thing that Fall brings is the longing for rich, decadent, comfort food.
The Autumn months are perfect for eating things that taste of caramel, apple, pumpkin and cinnamon.
There are the typical desserts that you think of, such as:

Pumpkin pie.
With fresh whipped cream, of course.

Cinnamon Rolls.
Perfect for an early breakfast on a chilly morning.

Hot apple pie.
A la mode, please!

Caramel apples.
This would also be a fun kitchen "project" to do with the kiddos that are a bit older.

And then there's other desserts that use those same flavors in an even more imaginative way.

How about a salted caramel and vanilla cheesecake?

Or a spiced pumpkin mousse trifle?
It's almost to pretty to eat. Almost.

Here's a carrot cake cheesecake cake.
Two of my favorite desserts combined, definitely not a bad thing.

Ooh! And these fried apple rings with cinnamon sugar butter icing.

One of my favorite hot beverages is a chai latte.
With it's warmth, creaminess, and various spices, it's the PERFECT fall drink.Link

Then there are the savory foods that we traditionally think of as "comfort" food.
I know that I will definitely make each of the following dishes at least once this fall, but more than likely, they will get made multiple times.

Chicken Pot Pie.
My sister in law makes the best pot pie and I am fortunate enough to have the recipe.

Mashed Potatoes.
Preferably with LOTS of butter and garlic.

Homemade mac and cheese.
This is truly more comforting than the bright orange boxed stuff.

Baked potato soup.
I make this often in the fall and winter months.
SO easy and SO good!

So, what kind of recipes are looking to break out once the weather starts cooling off?


  1. I had a salad for lunch today and reading this post made me SO hungry. We have to try those fried apple rings. I have an apple at work that I'm gonna bring home so we can make them.

  2. One of my favorite Fall menu items?

    The Toffee Nut latte from Starbucks. OM NOM NOM.

  3. Bryan - That's why I firmly believe a salad should be a side item, not the meal. ;)
    I can't wait to try the apple rings.

    Ang - Yummy!! I can't wait until drinking a hot beverage won't result in sweating. :)


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