Friday, August 26

eye spy

A few months back I became OBSESSED with Pinterest.
I can literally spend hours on there perusing and pinning.
And it makes me oh so happy. :)

One of the things that I LOVE to pin is pictures of eyes.
Well, eye make up to be exact.
Eye shadow is definitely my favorite kind of face make up and the one I own the most of.
I had to clarify "face" make up, because I consider nail polish a make up of sorts, and I own a TON of that.
Although, I did notice the other day that even though I have a lot of eye shadows, they are all very similar in color.
This will have to be rectified in the near future.

The norm for me is to wear very little and very natural looking make up.
I think I look funny in anything too heavy.
But these pictures give me inspiration to take a bit of a risk.
What's the worst that can happen.
It washes off, right?

And how awesome is this eye makeup?!
Perfect for Halloween or a costume party.

All photos are courtesy of Pinterest.

The two makeup "secrets" that I think are the best have to do with the eyes.
1. Tweeze.
A shaped eyebrow with no scraggly hairs can transform your face.
I know that I feel prettier once I've tweezed my brows, even if I have no makeup on.
2. Curl your eyelashes.
Unlike the other 3 people in my household, I have to accentuate my eyelashes.
I don't have long, thick, curly eyelashes (enter gloat from the hubs).
I've curled my lashes on and off since I started wearing makeup, but in the last few days, I've become kind of obsessed with it.
It just makes your eye more striking, even if you don't have mascara on.

What are your favorite makeup "secrets"?


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