Thursday, August 18

i love books!

There isn't much that I love more than a really good book. Books have a way of capturing your mind and transporting you to another world. You can go on journeys to other worlds and realms. You can befriend wizards, vampires, angels, centaurs, hobbits and the like. You can pay a visit to the past or maybe to the future. The possibilities are endless.

One of the things that I want in my dream home is a library of some sort. A place that is cozy and warm. Homey. Somewhere that you want to just curl up with a blanket and a cup of tea and let the hours pass you by while you're engrossed in a great work of literature.

How about a room like this? With big, comfy pillows and a table to put your mug on. Oh, and I love the books piled haphazardly on the highest of shelves, that you need a ladder to get to.

Or this? With a bed to curl up in and snuggle under the covers with your book.

I love, love, love this book corner. The color scheme is fabulous and wouldn't you love to be able to look out the window on a rainy day while perhaps reading a story that takes place in Forks, WA? ;)

And, of course, this little gem of a room. With all of it's designer touches against the dramatic backdrop of a floor to ceiling bookcase. I adore the green curtain, although if this were in my house, the curtain would never be drawn all the way across the wall. Why cover up all that beauty?!

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What about you? What elements would your dream "library" have to have?


  1. I definitely want a wall-o-books when we buy a house, with a comfy chair and pillows and blankets and a little table in a corner. Sigh. Happy, happy thoughts. :)

  2. A library's on our list of things we want too. :D

  3. My perfect library resides on a computer hard drive, so...

  4. Ang & Mandy - One day ladies, one day. :)

    Bryan - That's so, so sad. ;)


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