Saturday, August 20

worcestershire sauce

One of my favorite condiments of all time is Worcestershire Sauce. When I use it on a food, my consumption of it can be a little on the excessive side. I douse my food in it, time and time again.

I do, however, pronounce the word worcestershire "wrong". The correct pronunciation is 'woos-tar-sher', but I say it like it's spelled (I've only met one other person that pronounces it like I do). And let me tell you, my way of saying it is more fun. It is probably one of my favorite words to say, and often the "sauce" part of the phrase worcestershire sauce, comes out sounding like shauce, which I find myself giggling at.

Oh, and my favorite thing to drown in a pool of this condiment from above??

A yummy steak, preferably cooked by the hubs. On a sidenote, I ate SO MUCH steak when I was pregnant with Baby L. I am normally not a huge meat eater, but boy did I crave it when pregnant.

What is your condiment of choice for a steak?


  1. Its best when it need ls no sauce. Just like BBQ. And it has to be cooked at medium or less. Don't know how you eat it medium well. Might as well be eating beef jerky. ; )

  2. See, I like my BBQ with sauce. And, you're weird, medium well is not jerky like. :)

  3. for the record, i say it Worst Sauce. LOL.

    When I was a kid, my mom always said that, probably out of laziness or something, and it stuck. Now, even when I see it at the stores - it's not something we keep in our pantry - I don't even think Worcestershire, I think Worst.



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