Thursday, August 25

it's britney, b!tch

Tonight I'm headed to a Pop Princess Sing Along at the Ritz with my dear friend, Ang.
These sing alongs are legendary and oh so much fun! I've been to many over the past few years. From Justin Timberlake to 90s rock to 1997 to Gettin' Jiggy With It, you are pretty much guaranteed a great time!

In preparation for said sing along, I have been listening to the Britney station on Pandora.
She is absolutely my FAVORITE pop princess!!
I know she has had her personal issues in the past, and I'll be the first to admit that she can be a bit cuckoo. But, as a performer, she is top notch. Especially in her heyday. Lip singing aside, the girl can dance and puts on a hell of a show. I used to (okay, I still do) look forward to each of her performances on the various televised awards shows. And, I just might have a Britney concert tee in my memorabilia box from some years back when my mom and I decided on a whim to attend her concert. Which, by the way, was AWESOME!

One of my favorite performances, the infamous Oops! I Did It Again, from the VMAs, circa 2000.

Another favorite, Stronger, from the AMAs, 2001.

I <3 Britney!
And, I can't wait for tonight!!


  1. WOOO! I can't wait either! Gah, seriously, I don't know what I'd do without the genius that is these sing alongs from The Action Pack.

    Here's to Pop Princess, Version 3.0!

    P.S. That Satisfaction/Oops I Did It Again is my personal favorite as well, although Brit's not my favorite Pop Princess. She is, however, #2 for me, I believe. hehe.

  2. Ang - I think I can guess who number one is for you...;) And I just wish Britney put as much into her performances as she used to.

    Bryan - Whatevs. You know you love me, in spite of my love of pop music. <3


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