Thursday, September 8

busy bee

Photo via Pinterest.

So, there obviously hasn't been a new post here in the last week.
This is because I just recently started working part-time again.
Add that to dropping off/picking up A from school, having an infant and keeping up with stuff around the house, and I am one busy lady.
This past weekend we also had birthdays in the family, including my wonderfully, fantastic hubby's!!
Needless to say, I'm having to (re)get used to being busy again.
After having the summer "off", I need to prioritize my time to make sure that I not only leave time for the aforementioned things, but also family time and leisure time.
Blogging has become both a creative and personal outlet for me and it is definitely one of the things that I will be making time for.
I have many post ideas swirling in my head, now I just need a block of time to get them "on paper".

Do you have any time prioritizing/organization secrets?
How do you make time to "do it all"?

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