Friday, September 9

inspiration workshop! - inspiring books

This week the Inspiration Workshop!from Gussy Sews prompt is Inspiring Books.

If you read this previous post of mine, you could probably already tell that I'm a bit of a bookworm.

Reading is something that I grew up loving to do.
Some of my fondest memories revolve around bookstores.
As a kid, my uncle (who was/is also a book nerd) used to take me out on a Saturday morning to brunch and then Half Price Books.
He would go his own way, probably to the sci-fi section, and I would go mine, most likely to check out which Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins books they had in stock.

And as an adult, with a family of my own, some of our best Saturdays have been spent eating pizza from Little Caesars ($5 Hot 'n Ready, baby!) and perusing 3 or 4 different Half Price Books around town.

A love of reading is definitely something that the hubs and I hope to pass on to our kidlets.
So far we're succeeding with A, in that regard.
At 5 years old, reading is in her blood.
Sometimes she will drag a huge stack of books into whatever room I'm in, find a spot to settle into and just read, read, read.
And, two of her favorite places just happen to be the bookstore and the library.
Between the hubs and I, there is really no hope for our kids.
I just counted the books that I have on 2 small-ish bookcases, the total was 140.
Add to that 3 more (larger) bookcases, a dresser full of stacks and multiple small boxes of books, and we are well on our way to having our own library.
Oh, and A has a bunch of books too.

All if this to say, I love to read.
Always have, always will.
And, if you aren't a "reader", I strongly encourage you to become one.
You won't regret it.

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Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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  1. That book arch is awesome!

    It's interesting being married to a person that loves books just as much as I do yet doesn't have any of the same taste in books. We could sure save a lot of money if you just learned to love reading what I do. ; )

  2. Isn't it?!

    And I agree, we could save a lot of money if we read the same things, but let's not kid ourselves here....I'm the one with the good taste in reading material. ;)

  3. Can you imagine birthdays? We'd just be buying each other things we wanting to read ourselves?


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