Saturday, September 24

how to get your kid to walk a marathon....

I recently signed A up for marathonKIDS.
It's a FREE, nationwide program that encourages kids to not only eat healthier, but also walk a marathon 
(26.2 miles) over the span of 6 months, 1/4 - 1/2 a mile at a time.
The program is provided to public and private schools,
as well as homeschool families and independent families who just want to do it.
We got her food and mileage log yesterday and I am super excited for her to begin filling it out.
The way the log works is she gets to color in 1/4 of a circle for every 1/4 mile that she walks/runs.
There are also 26 items in the food log for her to check off, such as:
I ate broccoli today.
I drank water instead of soda today.
I ate watermelon today.
The goal is to get kids to eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies 26.2 days out of the month.
I am definitely looking forward to tackling this journey alongside of A.
I think it will be a fun, and productive, adventure for the both of us.
And, as an extra incentive, those who finish will get a special, FREE "Finisher" shirt at the end of the marathon period.
If you haven't received word of this through your child's school, check out the website for registration info and details about the Kick Off Celebration near you.
I'll be updating you of our progress over the  next 6 months!
Happy Marathoning!!

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