Monday, September 26

weekend update :: lazy days

This has been one lazy, but great  weekend in the L family.
We seriously did NOTHING, and went NOWHERE all weekend.
Well, with the exception of the hubs making a quick trip to the grocery store on Saturday evening.

The farthest the kiddos and I ventured out this weekend, was taking 3 nice, long walks (one each day), which earned A 1 1/2 miles toward her marathon in 6 months log.
The last one, on Sunday evening, the hubs joined us, which was great.
I love my little family SO VERY MUCH, and they are my absolute favorite people to spend time with.

Other than that, I finished one book and started two new ones.
I watched a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel on Netflix.
The hubs and I watched pretty much the entire last season of Hell's Kitchen on HuluPlus 
(not happy with the outcome, by the way).
Made and ate some good food.
And  generally just chilled and enjoyed my hubs and our babies.

Great weekend in my book!
How was your weekend?
Do anything fun or eventful?


  1. It sure was lazy. Remember how it was when we first got married? Too bad Kid A doesn't want to be lazy too. Baby LL sure doesn't mind. : )

  2. Oh yes, the good ol' days of no responsibilities, pre-kiddos. Well, they're worth the craziness, huh? And I agree if we could get Kid A to chill more that would be awesome. Although I think Baby L is going to be following in big sister's footsteps before too long. I guess we'll relax when they're adults?!


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