Tuesday, October 4

bewitched by :: apple juice

Apple juice is something I went YEARS without drinking,
that is until I got pregnant with Kid A.
I definitely went through a pretty large period where I craved it a lot.
I would even by the HUGE jugs of it.

Over the last 5 years I find myself drinking it here and there.
That's what happens when you have a toddler/young child who loves it.
Apple juice is something that we pretty much ALWAYS have in the fridge,
in either juice box or jug variety.

Today I picked some up from Target (cue angels singing), as we ran out a couple of days ago.
At first I was just going to go with the good ol' Archer Farms brand, but then I saw that the Motts brand was on sale for just a penny more.
Not only was the regular apple juice on sale but so was their Natural Apple Juice.
This stuff is made from fresh pressed apples and has no added sugar.
It's the kind you have to shake up before pouring as it has small bits of pulp floating in it.
This stuff is AMAZING!!!
It's sweeter than regular apple juice and tastes more like you're biting into a sweet, crisp apple.
If you're a fruit juice lover I definitely recommend that you try this nectar of the gods out.

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