Tuesday, November 8

inspiration workshop! - flowers

So, I've already missed the deadline for this week's Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop! linky party.
Oh well! I'll still put this post up.
The prompt was FLOWERS!

The first thought that came to mind along for this prompt was this cutie patootie here:

That's right, that's my little Kid A, better known as Sweet Pea.

When she was born my mom started calling her Itty Bitty Sweet Pea, due to her size (a whopping 3lbs 15oz).

And well, the Sweet Pea part stuck.
It is not only a super cute nickname, but the flower for the month of April (A's birth month) is, you guessed it. 
The sweet pea.

In March of 2010 I got a tattoo of a sweet pea on my foot, a kind of dedication to this wonderful little girl who fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a mommy.

Funny story: a few months back I was talking and cooing at Baby LL and I accidentally called him Sweet Pea. 
Let me tell you, A jumped all over that with a, "He's not your Sweet Pea, I AM!!".

Oh, how I love her!

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