Monday, November 7

shred it

In an effort to regain my pre(pre)-baby body and make myself healthier, I have started a new exercise regimen.
Let me tell you, I have tried (and failed) to get an exercise program going since I was cleared for it, 6 weeks after Baby LL was born.
Having a new baby, a part-time job, a 5 year old to take to and pick up from school, plus all of the home stuff that comes with having a family, has made sticking with something hard.
I don't always feel like going to the gym at 9pm or 4am.
Taking a long walk with Baby LL in a stroller after dropping Kid A off doesn't always work, as job schedules and weather conditions can interfere.
Enter Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.
For a very affordable $5 I bought the digital copy of this "video" and in less than 25 minutes a day, I get a workout in that not only raises my heart rate, but also works my muscles to the point of burning and shaking.
30 Day Shred has 3 different levels or workouts.
Level 1 being the easiest, and Level 3 being the most challenging.
And let me tell you, Level 1 is by no means "easy".
For the first week or so of doing this workout I would be physically shaking and weak for up to an hour after finishing.
So far I've been doing this for a little more than a month, approximately 10-14 days on each level,  and I'm seeing some great results.
In that short amount of time I've lost a total of 12 1/4 inches.
4 1/2 off my mid-section.
3 1/2 off my hips and butt.
4 1/4 off my thighs.
All of this without ANY change in my diet.
I've also noticed muscles peeking out in my arms and legs.
Being able to do this in my home in such a short period of time has been AWESOME, and I've kept it up an average of 6-7 days each week.
Now that I've made it more than 30 days, I'm going to start bumping up the exercise a bit and do a little fine tuning to my diet.
Hopefully this will help me sail through the holidays with a loss of inches, rather than a gain.
I'll be back in another month or so with an update of my progress.

What are some ways you've been able to fit exercise into a busy schedule?


  1. Well, hell.

    Now you've got me all motivated to start this up again.

    Maybe I'll let you know what things look like in a month myself. ;)

  2. :) awesome. I love her. I'm on the clean program right now so I've been just walking. doing yoga. and parking far away from my destination. all habits I want to keep. but this sounds amazing and I love Jillian Michaels. Maybe I'll try this out when I'm off the cleanse. :) keep up the good work mama. I know it's far from easy with the family life, but I imagine it'll be so worth it. thanks for sharing!

  3. Ang - You can DO it!!

    DeAnna - I've been keeping up with your blog. Good for you for doing the cleanse. I definitely do not have enough willpower to do something like that. But this is too easy NOT to add to my life. And I feel SO much better, both mentally and physically, when I'm done. :)


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