Friday, December 2

light it up!

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite things about Christmastime is all of the lights!
I love them!

From outdoor to indoor.
White to multicolored.
Big bulbs to small.
They bring a smile to this girl's face.

Some of my fondest memories of the holiday season growing up was driving around neighborhoods looking at all of the outdoor lights.
Hopefully, this will be a love and tradition I can pass on to my own littles.

Currently, I have white lights on our tree and a few strands of small bulb multicolored ones hung around our living room.
And, for most of the day (which is cold and rainy), they have been the only lights on in the main part of my apartment.
So cozy!

This Christmas I am finding myself craving the joy of bright, gaudy, vintage inspired decorations.

And, at the top of my current decor wishlist is some of the old-fashioned BIG bulbed multicolored lights.

I would totally rock those around my abode!

And, being the Pinterest-aholic that I am, i just couldn't resist gleaning some inspiration (and happiness!) from the interwebz.

I am seriously thinking about incorporating some of these magical little lights into my year-round home decor.

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Stay tuned for a little project with my kiddos that I will be tackling this weekend incorporating twinkle lights!

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  1. I am IN LOVE with that second idea. How pretty!


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