Saturday, December 31

happy new year!!

While I will be ringing in the new year at home with a bottle of Moscato and the company of the hubs (the coolest guy EVER!!) and two sleeping kiddos, I will admit that ever since I was a teenager I've wondered what it would be like to be counting down to the next year at some super swank party complete with balloons, champagne, hats and noisemakers.
Oh, and some absolutely fabulous party wear, of course!!
Let's be honest, the main reason I want to attend a fancy schmancy New Years Eve party is for an excuse to get all dolled up. ;)
And while looking on Pinterest, I realized that my ideas for the perfect outfit to wear while ringing in the new year all have something in common....SPARKLE!!

So pretty!!
One day I WILL own (and wear) a fabulous sparkly dress, just for the hell of it!!

Have a wonderful and glittery (and SAFE!) New Years Eve!!!

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