Wednesday, January 4


Tomorrow starts "real life" for us as a family again.
Kid A goes back to school and Baby LL and I go back to work (the hubs started back at work yesterday).
With that comes the need to get back into a routine.
When Kid A started school in August, I had a nighttime routine down pat.
After about two months, I started relaxing bit by bit in the routine, and (of course) over the Christmas holidays that routine completely flew out the window.
I've also noticed that over the past few months Baby LL's attitude and sleep ability has really deteriorated, could there be a correlation??
No matter what, I know that having a routine with these kiddos brings at least me some peace and comfort.
I know that everything gets done, nothing gets overlooked.
And selfishly, I know that at a certain point each night, I'll have some quiet time to read or watch tv or craft.

Lately Baby LL's sleeping has been so screwed up.
He wants to be held and he wants to be nursing.
He wants to sleep in my bed and if I'm actually able to put him in his own bed, he only sleeps for 1 1/2 hours, TOPS.
This is the same kid who used to sleep a 6-8 hour stretch, followed by a 3-4 hour stretch EVERY NIGHT.
And with this erratic sleep pattern, his days can be less than pleasant.
Baby is tired. Mama is tired.
I have to keep in mind that he probably won't just jump back in to an incredible sleep habit, it will probably be rough for a few nights, but hopefully getting back into a nightly routine will help us get back there.
As a mom, all I want to do is make my babies happy.
So when Baby LL gets fussy I hold him; I nurse him; I do whatever I can to keep a smile on his face and tears out of his eyes.
Obviously this hasn't completely worked out, as he spends a good amount of time each day fussing, whether I'm holding him or not.
And simple tasks such as doing my hair, folding laundry or cooking dinner have become frustrating for me because I have to do them with a baby screaming.
Time to toughen up, mama.
Hopefully since his crib is now set up (yay, baby nook!!) and his sleeping space is now bigger and comfier, he will start staying asleep longer.
I know that when he learns to self soothe and is sleeping longer stretches and more soundly, we will both be FAR happier.
I just have to be strong enough to get us to that point.
And I have to realize that it's not going to happen overnight.

So, routine, my old love, we're coming back to you.

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