Tuesday, January 3

creating a baby nook

Recently the hubs and I decided to go ahead and renew our lease.
Despite being on the small side for our growing family, the pros of staying outweighed the cons.
So now comes the fun part of figuring out how to reorganize our stuff (and redecorate a bit!) to better accommodate our stuff and create a comfy and cozy abode for our little familia for the next 13 months.

Honestly, as soon as the decision to stay was made, I had multiple projects buzzing about in my brain.
One of them being creating a "baby nook" for Baby LL Cool J in the master bedroom.
We are in a two bedroom apartment, for now, and while I will eventually have the kids bunk together, that is just not feasible right now, what with L's erratic sleeping/eating schedule.
It's just not fair to sacrifice Kid A's sleep for that.

As of right now Baby LL has a pack n' play set up next to our bed, and being that he is 7 months old and nearly 19 pounds, he is fast outgrowing it.
He actually spends more time than not sleeping in our bed.
So the faster we get his crib set up, the faster thee hubs and I can reclaim space in our bed.
This will also help solve some of our space issues as we can store the bassinet and move the pieces of crib from the various corners of our apartment.
The area where I would create a nook is basically just big enough for his crib, so there is not really a whole lot I can do, decor-wise.
But I figured I could at least get in a wall hanging (or two) and a mobile of some sort.
I really am excited about creating a little space specifically for my lil' monkey. :)

Here is some baby nook inspiration that I found while scouring the interwebz.

How about some wall hangings/mobiles?!

{all photos via}

Lots of ideas to ponder!!
Of course, I will keep you up to date with our progress.

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