Wednesday, June 27

weigh down wednesday - a history

Hello there! Long time no write!

Today I'm writing the first post of what I hope will become a weekly series.

Bear with me, this post didn't turn out the way I had originally intended.
It ended up being a bit of history, and felt almost like a therapy session.
Sorry for the rambling in advance. :)

The focus? Weight loss.
Most of us, at some point in time, have struggled with our weight.
Personally, this has been on off and on roller coaster ride since puberty.
As a teenager, hormones/emotions mixed with a bad diet and a sedentary lifestyle cemented the fact that I spent my adolescent years unhappy with my body.
Of course, there were times when I would go on some crazy crash diet and lose a few pounds, but being that those diets couldn't be kept up long term, I quickly gained those pounds back, and then some.
I went into my adult years at my thinnest, but the blissful "newlywed" stage of my life led to lots of takeout and overeating. Quickly the weight piled back on.
A year and a half after getting married I was given the (wonderful!) opportunity to go on the Jenny Craig weight loss program. Over the next 3+ months I lost a bunch of weight (5lbs away from my wedding weight) and started exercising (yay, swimming!) regularly. Then, I got pregnant.
The first part of my pregnancy I had some morning sickness. But that morning sickness was basically just nausea that would go away when I would eat. So eat I did, quickly falling into the "I'm pregnant, I can eat WHATEVER I want" mind-frame.  All in all, I ended up gaining about 70lbs while pregnant, although, in my defense, a LOT of that was water weight due to pre-eclampsia.
In the following two years my weight fluctuated a lot. At one point I was only 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Then I hit a slump, I went through a "quarter life crisis" in the months leading up to turning 25 and since I had never learned another way of coping outside of "eating my emotions", the weight piled on yet again. This time it got out of control. At not even 26 years old I  hit my highest weight of all time (outside of full blown pregnancy). I was severely unhappy with myself and I feel like that affected my relationships with others, especially those closest to me.
Over the next year I lost a decent amount of weight without really trying. I started a full time job, where I was on my feet all day, which I think helped tremendously. But being that I had gained SO much weight, I was still FAR from any kind of "goal" weight.
Then, SURPRISE!!, a month before I turned 27 I  found out I was pregnant again. I remember being TERRIFIED, since I was no where near where I had started when I got pregnant the first time around. I was so fearful of gaining a vast amount off weight. This time around things were a bit different though. I was still working on my feet full time, PLUS I was SO SICK!! There were times when I could barely eat at all. And it wasn't for just my first trimester (the "normal" sick time for preggos), my all day long sickness lasted my WHOLE pregnancy. In the end I only gained 7 pounds, and that was all in my final month. My baby weighed more than that!!
After he was born I lost some and then gained some. And then, when he was 10 months old I finally buckled down and started a diet plan that has proven to work for me. This was started the last week of March 2012. And, I'm SUPER proud to say that since then I have lost 30+ pounds and am now less than 15lbs away from my wedding weight. I am bound and determined to hit that weight by our 9th wedding anniversary, which is 4 months away. After I hit that MAJOR milestone, I don't plan on stopping. I turn 30 in October of 2013 and I know, with hard work and determination I can have the figure and health that I've always wanted by then.

Stay tuned for a look at how the last three months have gone.
What have I been doing?
What am I planning on doing in the future?
It will all be answered in the coming weeks.

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