Thursday, June 28

coffee date

Hey you! Yes, you. Would you like to come over to my place for a little coffee date?

If you were to come over, I'd tell you to bring your kiddos (if you have any), as mine love anyone new and my daughter is constantly begging me to let her have friends over.

Being that both of my little ones are home all summer, you will definitely be stepping over all of the toys that are strewn around, while I apologize and explain that no matter how many times I clean them up in a day, they always find their way back onto the floor (or couches, or tables, or counters) before I can blink an eye.

I would then offer you coffee, or hot tea, or a chai latte (Oregon, no Tazo for this girl), and while I was making it I'm sure that Audrey would be dragging you to her room to show you her new bed, and her toys, and her summer reading challenge bookworm, all the while talking your ear off about all of her plans for this summer.

Finally, once the kiddos are settled (does that ever really happen?!) and we are settled onto my couches with our beverage of choice, we could start to talk.

I would probably start off by talking about the kids WAY too much. You would hear about how Lawson has been super fussy lately due to teething. And how we are currently sleep training him and in doing so have basically been kicked out of our own room, since that is where his crib is. I would tell you that since Lawson is now a year old, and I know MANY people having babies, I have been getting the fever. Baby fever! You would hear how, even though I already have my hands full at the stages my kids are in, I still long for another one.

About this time Audrey would run in to sing a little song, or show you how well she can read. She would tell you that even though the start of school is still two months away, she has decided that she wants to be homeschooled, solely to remain home home with mommy. Quickly she would move on to the next subject, which undoubtedly would be how she just lost her third tooth. This would be followed by a firsthand display of the spot where her tooth used to be.

At some point in there I would remark how it all goes by too fast. That before you know it your oldest is a Kindergarten graduate and your youngest is a year and on his way to walking.

Eventually I would realize that I've talked for too long about my children, so I'd try to smoothly change the subject, so not to bore you.

I'd show you the little pots of seedlings I planted that will hopefully grow to be basil and cilantro, if my black thumb doesn't get there first. I would confess that I would love to have my own vegetable, herb and flower gardens one day, although I can never keep a plant alive.

At some point you would probably comment on the mountain of books piled on top of my bookcase, to which I would respond how at 28 years old I rediscovered the joy that is the public library and have been reading like a crazy person since then. 48 books completed in 2012 so far!!!

I would ask if you have any big plans for the upcoming weekend and when you eventually respond in kind I would tell you that we will probably do what we always do. Stay home and read and relax and watch tv and eat good food. And I would tell you that it is my FAVORITE thing to do on the weekends, since my home is my favorite place, my husband is my absolute best friend, and my kids bring me so much joy.

By this time Lawson will be getting whiny and I'll probably hint that I need to put him down for nap. So we'll say our good-byes and with my kiddos at my feet I'll hug you at the front door and tell you to please come by again soon!!


Thanks to Casey, Maggie, and Ashley for inspiring me with their previous "coffee date" posts.

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