Monday, July 2

kid krafting :: paint with bubbles

One of my favorite things to do is arts and crafts.
I don't know if it's the mom, preschool teacher, or child in me that gets me excited about it, but whatever the reason, I LOVE IT!!
On top of my love for crafting, with summertime in full swing and a semi-bored kiddo at home, pulling out a crafty project (especially a "new" one) can be a sanity saver during long days at home.

Today's craft is brought to you via Pinterest.
But of course!
I went and read the original post and then tweaked it to fit what I had on hand in my own trusty craft cabinet.
Please feel free to check out the post and the rest of the Cakies blog. So pretty.

So here's the scoop.
I mixed a bit of acrylic paint (in various colors) with some bubble solution (which thanks to my mom we have a ton of) in some leftover applesauce containers.
Yes, I am that person. The one who keeps everything, just in case.
Of course, you can make the colors lighter or darker depending on how much paint you use.
Then I spread a towel on our kitchen floor, set some sketch paper on it, and let Kid A blow bubbles to her hearts content.
*Be sure to do this somewhere that is easily cleaned, as the bubbles do tend to stray a bit.*

Ready. Set. BLOW BUBBLES!!!

We chose the colors based on what we wanted to see displayed in Kid A's bedroom.

Aqua. Fuchsia. Yellow. Lime Green. Purple.
The purple was a glitter acrylic paint and it actually transferred to the paper.
Got to love extra sparkle!

These art pieces will most likely be displayed in frames on her wall.

I thought this project would also transfer over to gift giving really well.
You could use the same technique on the front of a blank, white card.
Or even do it on white craft paper or a white paper bag for unique gift giving.

Happy Crafting!!

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