Friday, September 14

five fancies on a friday

My dream is to one day be able to travel with the hubs 
(after our kiddos are grown and we've retired, of course).
I'm thinking we could hitch a vintage trailer to our vehicle and hit the open road.
Sounds blissful!

Something I would absolutely LOVE to own is an old card catalog.
I think it would make the perfect organizational tool for little toys or craft supplies.
Why do they have to be so dang expensive?!

Sometimes you just need some sparkle in your life.

Trying to remember this...

Even though they freak me out, I love pictures of balloons.

Happy Friday from the two cutest kiddos ever!

Sorry so dark. We were in a dimly lit room at 6:30am.



  1. Forget a vintage trailer. Give me something new and fancy.
    Cute kids you got there.

    1. How how about vintage with fancy modern conveniences? I'm all about compromise. ;)
      And yes, they are pretty cute. They get it from their mom. :)


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