Friday, September 28

five fancies on a friday

Hello and happy Friday to you!

This is something we all need to remember.
Even in hard times or times when our spirits are low,
there is so much beauty in this life we live.

I am absolutely LOVING these earrings.
Fun and funky!

Halloween is coming.
Are you ready?
This weekend I will be breaking out the Halloween decor and finalizing ideas on the kiddos' costumes.

Um, yes, I would love a fireplace that I could do this to.
Also, isn't this mantle just gorg?
One kind of "clutter" that I love is spaces overstuffed with books.
It makes me feel all tingly.

And, finally with it "technically" being fall
and with cool(er) weather (hopefully) around the corner,
I am craving hot beverages like crazy.
I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season a few weeks ago,
and although the weather wasn't appropriate for it,
it gave me the warm fuzzies about what's to come.

What's your cool weather beverage of choice?



  1. It was so hot when I left the apartment this morning, it made me sad. I got a hot coffee anyway, in the hopes that I could trick myself into believing.

    Such a lovely eye you've got, Jen. <3

  2. My cool weather beverage is the Salted Caramel Mocha. NOMMMMMMMZ. It's delicious and a ton of calories; therefore, I try to limit how many I have. ;)

    Generally speaking, though... I don't think you can go wrong with a vanilla latte. :)

  3. Mandy - I actually put slipper socks on the other day to try and trick myself. Didn't work though. And thanks, ma'am!! <3

  4. Ang - I agree on the vanilla latte. I tried the salted caramel mocha last year and while the first few sips were wondrous, it quickly started making me feel sick. Too rich! Maybe I need to try it again. ;)


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