Saturday, September 29

mySTYLE :: maxis

A style that I absolutely adore, but am too nervous to wear is the maxi.
Whether in dress or skirt form, I always find myself drawn to it.
I think there is a right way to do this and a very wrong way as well.
Don't want to look preggo.
This is the primary reason I haven't stepped out of my comfort zone a given this style a go.

I love the simplicity of pairing a brightly colored maxi skirt with a simple white shirt.
It's the perfect balance of casual and frilly.

As far as dresses go, I find myself more drawn to bold patterns rather than solids.
This just seems like a super easy way to be comfortable while dressing up.

Another thing I love is that the maxi doesn't have to be a "seasonal" style.
You could get away with wearing them in multiple seasons.
For warm spring and summer days, you could totally go with a super cute sandal.
For cooler days pair your maxis with ballet flats or even moccasins or moccasin boots,
a fitted leather or denim jacket completes your look.

I might have to give this style a try in "real" life.
I'm always on the lookout for something that I can feel pretty and stylish in,
as well as something that is comfy (and covering) enough to keep up with my kiddos easily in.

Is there a style that you love, but are afraid you can't pull off?


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  1. Actually, I have similar issues with Maxi dresses. I love-love-love me a bold pattern, but a) I'm short and as a result, I feel that b) I need more of a fitted form in order to not look shapeless (or pregnant, as you pointed out), so I haven't given these a go.

    I also want some skinny jeans, but I'm concerned I'd look like an idiot in them. Mostly, I want them because I want a pair of riding boots like it's nobody's business.


    P.S. I really love a few of these dresses. So lovely.


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