Monday, September 24

monday musings

I have absolutely no direction for this post.
I have a few other posts in the works, but wasn't "feeling" any of them for today.

I'm watching my kids crawl around and play on the couches and my heart is just so full.
I love them so very much.
I tell them this ALL the time, but I don't think those three words can even begin to explain my feelings for them.
As Lawson is getting older, they are interacting more and it is so wonderful to watch.
There is a good deal of fighting and Lawson picking on Audrey,
but there is also a lot of playing and a lot of sweet giggles and belly laughs.
I find myself tearing up during these times.
Something about your kids loving on each other brings out the emotions BIG time.

My weekend was a mix of work and relaxation. Mostly work.
I got to spend some time with the hubs and the kiddos during the day on Saturday.
I truly love and cherish our Saturdays now.
It's the one day of the week that we are all home and have little to do.
This past Saturday we ate some TacoDeli, took a library trip and just milled about the house until I had to go to work in the evening.
That is my favorite way to spend a day. :)

At this point I am SO looking forward to Friday.
It will be my first day off since last Monday.
Not only that, I get two WHOLE days in a row off!
There will be naps happening. Trust.

I am little by little trying to find a routine that works for us.
I have a kind of crazy work schedule.
Couple that with the needs of two kiddos and household stuff and I have a tendency to not use my free time too wisely.
It's only been about a month since my workload increased, so I know I'll get the hang of it eventually.

The hubs has been a rock star though.
He has the kids pretty much all day on Sunday and various evenings during the week.
Yesterday I came home from my first shift of the day (I do the split shift thing) to find that Lawson had just gone down for a nap.
Normally he wakes up right before I get home, but Bryan stretched his morning out so that he would be asleep when I got home, so that I too could nap.
Then, when I got home from my evening shift The carpets had not only been vacuumed, but cleaned as well.
Bless him!! 

Well, I guess I should go make dinner or something now.
I'll leave you with a video from one of my absolute favorite bands (thanks to the hubs!),
Death Cab for Cutie.
I have been in the car 6 different times today, and DCfC has been on all day.



  1. i love this post. <3 so many warm fuzzies.

    also, i blame this post in part for all the baby thoughts that are on my brain as of late.

  2. Haha. Thanks for the compliments! And having kids is the best. I can't wait for more! ;)


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