Wednesday, September 26

weigh down wednesday :: i'm bored

Yep. It's happened.
I've grown super tired and bored of my current diet program.
I've also plateaued in my weight loss.
I know for a fact that the two are tied together.
Me being bored = me "cheating" more often.

So, I'm doing a little something to change it up a bit.
As of yesterday, I am on, what I consider to be, a "fad" diet.
Low(er) carb/low(er) sugar.
Hopefully I will not approach it from a "fad" diet perspective.
I'm not going all crazy like in the induction phase of Atkin's or something.
I'm just trying to limit the amount of carbs and sugars that I'm taking in.
I don't have a set daily amount, but yesterday it was around 50grams. 

This isn't something that I really plan on doing forever.
I just need something to kick start my weight loss again.
And where before I at a LOT of carbs, maybe taking them away for a bit will "shock" my system into releasing some weight.

Does anyone out there have any experience with low carb diets?
What are some of your favorite tips/tricks?
How about your best recipes?
Or your go to snacks?

I've done Atkin's in the past, but was never able to stay on it because of the limitations.
Trying to stay under 20grams of carbs a day is basically just asking to be miserable.
This time around I also want to add in some variation to the foods I'm consuming.
I've created a Pinterest board that I will be adding new recipes and inspiration to.

Wish me luck!
And, of course, I will keep you updated as to how this all goes.



  1. I did Atkins' new incarnation earlier this year, and something that was a big help to me was their Advantage bars and shakes. They have a lot of protein in them, and very low net carbs and sugars, so they fill you up without putting a bunch of crap in your system. Some of them are hit & miss, but most of the things I tried were pretty good.

    Also, I love string cheese, and I ate a lot of it when I was doing the Atkins thing. :)

  2. Ang - I might have to try the bars and shakes. I do need some stuff that is easily portable.

    Yesterday I raided the kids' string cheese stash! Yum ;)


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