Friday, October 26

five fancies on a friday :: spooky edition

Well, Halloween is this coming Wednesday, 
so I thought I'd use this last Friday before the holiday to share some of my favorite spooky fancies.

How awesomely gothic do these cheese cloth spiderwebs make this room look?

Such a fun way to display pumpkins.
Just paint with chalkboard paint and personalize to your liking.

Love this little lace ghost from A Beautiful Mess.
Seriously, they have some of the best DIY tutorials. :)

Isn't this mummified wreath just gorgeous?!
I'm thinking I might need something like this for next year.

And, just because the dancing skeletons made me smile.

We've finally decided on (and bought) the kiddos' costumes.
Audrey will be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
And Lawson will be the Cowardly Lion (post finding his courage, of course).

Are you (or your littles) dressing up this year?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. I LOVE that cheesecloth idea. And the pumpkins!

    I've never really gotten into Halloween, largely because my mother never did much for it when I was a kid, but we always try to get B dressed up for it. This year, we're thinking Merida, OR a LaLaLoopsy Girl. We shall see! :)

  2. I never really got to celebrate Halloween growing either, because it was the "devil's holiday" (we did dress up for church alternative nights though). I think that is why I love it so much as an adult. I can't really afford to go all out in decor, but I add to my collection every year, so one day it will be AWESOME!! :)

    Both of those costumes would be too cute!

  3. I love decorating for Halloween! We've only really put up our doormat and wreath ... I'm kind of bummed we're not having a Hallowversary party this year, but with vacation and everything it would have been too much. It was my excuse to go all-out last year!

  4. Well, you do have valid reasons for not decorating it up this year. ;)
    I'm seriously contemplating a HP party for my 30th next year. Partly because of my love for the series, but also I think that with my birthday being in October, it would be the perfect time of year to go all out with a wizardy theme!! :)


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