Thursday, October 25

love and marriage

At this same time, on this same day, 9 years ago, 
I had just arrived at the wedding chapel where I would become a Mrs.
Three of my bridesmaids (from out of town) were lost in the unfamiliar city and my mom was contemplating running to a local florist to find some greenery 
(that didn't make it into our floral order) for the church.

The bridesmaids eventually made it and I talked my mom out of running errands an hour and a half before go time.
And let me tell you, the night was spectacular.
Before the age of Pinterest and DIY weddings, our wedding was simple and elegant.
I might look at ideas on Pinterest sometimes and wish I could have done something like it,
but when push comes to shove, I wouldn't change my wedding one iota.
Our wedding was the perfect way to begin our lives together.

Most of the pictures in the post are "unofficial" ones taken by a family friend.
One day I will spend the hours that it will take to scan all of our official photos into the computer.
Maybe in time for our 10 year anniversary?!
I guess those are the breaks of getting married before the digital era was in full swing. ;)

But for now enjoy this little homage to the day that I made the best decision that I ever have made and said, "I will!", to my best friend.

Weren't we so baby-faced?!

Happy Anniversary, Bryan!
You have given me a life and a love that I never knew possible. :)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


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