Tuesday, October 2

mySTYLE :: colored pants

The colored pant.
This is another style that I'm extremely in love with, yet fear I can't pull off.
Although, I was talking to the hubs this weekend, and he imparted some sound advice to me.
In a nutshell he basically said that I just need to believe that I can pull it off and DO IT!
Sometimes men can be so smart. ;)

I think my biggest fear in wearing this trend, is that most colored pants seem to come in the "skinny" fit.
And, I just don't know how well a curvy, short legged girl like myself will pull that off.

Of course, looking at these pictures, the style I'm gravitating toward is the khaki-esque skimmer pant.
Looser fit, but still VERY cute!

If the colors of pants that I have posted is any indication I will probably be going for a salmon, yellow, or green pair of pants first. ;)
That was completely unintentional.


I think I hear Old Navy calling my name...

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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    I had a pair of red, skinny capris back in the day and I ADORED them. I'd like another pair one day, but: My goal is to feel comfortable in a pair of purple skinny jeans before too long.

    Basically, what I'm saying is get out of my head. ;)


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