Saturday, October 20

pumpkin patch

Last weekend my little family and I took a trip to a local pumpkin patch.
The patch itself wasn't huge, but it had TONS of pumpkins and even a playscape, which Audrey loved!
We got some good shots of the kids and the had a BLAST!
Lawson loved running around the patch and Audrey kept trying to hide from us behind the larger pumpkins.

Here's a little photo documentation of our time.

Uh, hello little model! We are SO going to be in trouble with her in 10 years.

His eyes always photograph amazing.

Has to be the best picture of the trip.
His face sums it all up.

Sidenote :: Audrey was too busy playing and hiding from us to get in on this shot. :(

And for posterity's sake, one of Audrey from the same patch when she was a little older than Lawson.
One of my favorite pictures of her, ever!

I'm also happy to say that taking this trip with my family helped me stick with some of the 4 simple goals that I set for myself awhile back. :)

Happy Fall!!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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