Monday, October 22

colorLOVE :: turquoise

Today I wanted to show a little colorLOVE to the most fantastic color of all. Turquoise!
No, seriously. This fabulous combo of blue and green is the best color out there.
I won't accept any arguments about it.
As with all colors turquoise comes in various shades and I honestly think that several other colors fall into the turquoise spectrum.
Aqua. Teal. Tiffany Blue. Robin's Egg Blue.
I think they all (for the most part) tend to fall in line with turquoise.

If that picture above makes you swoon, be sure to check out the link under it.
Be prepared to spend awhile drooling over the many different pictures of turquoise houses that the site provides.


Here's a bit of a lighter shade of turquoise. 
Don't you just adore the flair the silver glitter nail provides?! 


Turquoise is such a bright and happy color.
I can't help but smile when I see it.
It is also super calming as well.
Think about sitting on a white sand beach looking out over the clear turquoise ocean.
Nothing stressful about that. :)


Um, yes, I will own a piano that looks like that one day.


The above tablescape is absolutely perfect for a fairy tale party or shower.


My belief is that it is hard to go wrong with this color.
From jewelery and clothing to home decor to nail color to food styling to a color palette for a party.
Seriously, turquoise is super multifunctional.


I have no clue what flavor the ice cream above is, but doesn't it make your mouth water?!

I have long been on the hunt for the perfect (and affordable) turquoise statement ring.
The southwest feeling of turquoise stones brings me back to childhood memories of road trips through
New Mexico.


See what I mean about calming?
I really need a huge print of this to just stare at whenever I'm feeling stressed.


I am absolutely loving the Scandinavian feel of this breakfast area.
The clean white walls with pops of bright color is fast becoming a favorite of mine.


This little cake would be a spectacular smash cake for a first birthday party for the little princess in your life.

Now that you've seen a limited amount of photographic evidence concerning the wondrous beauty of the color turquoise, are you on board with me?
If not, what color would you color your life with?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

note from jen :: I apologize for the inconsistency in some of the font sizing in my recent posts.
Blogger is being dumb. 


  1. You find the best photos! What an awesome collection. Love turquoise. And I, too, would love a turquoise statement ring! <3

  2. I am on board, absolutely. PSSSH. Teal's been my favorite color for what feels like forever! YAY for friends with great taste! ha.


  3. Thanks, M! Coming from your creative eye, that means a lot! I'll stay on the lookout! :)

    Ang - Yay! Such a great color! :)


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