Tuesday, November 6

decorating with globes

The first place that I saw globes used as home decor was on a blog that I frequent, The Pleated Poppy.
Last year Lindsey did a Home Tour series (seriously guys, I'm in love with her home!) and during the kitchen part of the tour she showcased her many globes atop her cabinets.
Love at first sight!!

Displaying one all on it's own is awesome, but I absolutely adore the way they look when grouped together.

Globes are so versatile.
Different sizes and different colors gives home decor delicious depth.

How cool would it be to have a whole collection of globes?!
While some can be super expensive, you can find some good deals at thrift stores and even on Etsy.

I absolutely the uplifting message of the following globe.
How fun!

And how cool is this little DIY?
A chalkboard globe!!

Yes, I think I need to start a collection of these little gems.
They'd be great in a kitchen, living room, library or even a kid's room!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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