Monday, November 5

mySTYLE :: sparkle

Seriously, what girl couldn't use a bit of sparkle in her life?
Whether it's what you're wearing, what's painted on your nails, a bit of party decor, or a DIY craft,
sparkle adds a little bit of magic to everyday life.
And, really, everyday that we're alive should be magical.

Sparkle can take all kinds of forms.
Glitter. Sequins. Metallics. Mirrored. High Shine.
As long as it glimmers and glows and, well, sparkles.
And sparkle in a variety of colors definitely has a time and a place,
but as you can tell by the following photos, 
I'm pretty partial to "neutral" sparkle,
golds and silvers.

Let me take you on a little sparkle-filled journey.
The pictures will speak for themselves.

So, are you a believer in the magic of sparkle?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. I love this necklace. Is that a mesh sort of covering keeping the glittery stuff in? So pretty. And those flats! LOVE.

  2. I'm not sure if it's mesh or glass or hard plastic. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous! :)


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