Wednesday, December 19

fabulous christmas decor

Christmas Day is LESS than one week away.
How on earth did that happen?!
This year I haven't really added much to my holiday decor stash.
Seriously, it just crept up on me SUPER fast.
I'm thinking that next year I'll need to get in the holiday spirit long about Halloween (or maybe the day after), in order to actually have the decor I want done and up.

Even though I haven't done any MAJOR buying/decorating this year,
I have been pinning like crazy!
But really, who hasn't?

Here are some of my favorite (and quite possibly future) holiday projects/decor ideas.

It's no secret that I'm all about the glitter.
And this glitter-fied  reindeer sillouette is no exception.

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess have some of the best DIY projects around.
This cute banner looks awesome, but is super simple to make.

Do you remember making paper snowflakes as a kid?
I sure do!
And what better way is there to bring out your inner child during the holidays than watching a fun Christmas movie, drinking hot cocoa (with whipped cream and marshmallows, please!), and cutting out a few fancy snowflakes?!

I fell in love with this project when I originally saw the post, last year.
Such an easy and innovative way to use a mason jar.
Plus the vintage feel is just lovely.

I absolutely adore the idea of making little Christmas trees for the mantle.
This year I have a cardboard pop-up one in a fun green and white polka dot print (from the $1 Spot at Target) and a green and red garland covered one (from the Dollar Tree).
I would, however, like to get a bit crafty next year and make some.
These ribbon trees could be a quick project while catching up on some tv.

Again with the glitter.
I love banners/garlands and this is one that you could totally personalize to say whatever you want.

Another super cute banner project.
I love the addition of the pennants, ornaments, cards and candy canes.


How cute would this little car be on your counter or tabletop?!
Some of the best decorations are some of the easiest to make.

I would love to hang this print in my home.
The colors. The vintage feel. And, oh, that fox!

Here's a little combo of two of the previous projects I posted.
A little winter scene in a jar.

Can you tell I like vintage-y stuff?!
This wreath made with vintage bulbs is just darling and would be a welcome addition over my fireplace.

Speaking of fireplaces...
This mantle decor is one of my favorites this year!
It's pretty simple, yet super eye catching.
And I love the idea of a chalkboard fireplace.

This mantlepiece would probably be a bit too girly for the hubs' liking.
But I absolutely LOVE the color scheme.
And the lights with just a few bulbs hanging down can be done to match any holiday decor.

Last, but not least, here is another vintage looking Christmas print.
I'm absolutel loving the use of the woodland creatures.

And, as always, one of my most FAVORITE decorated houses belongs to Lindsey of
The Pleated Poppy.
Check out her Christmas decor photo tour.

Happy Decorating!!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. Gorgeous stuff. I, too, love the look of vintage items, but they don't quite fit with our more modern home decor ... or perhaps I just haven't figured out how to make it all work? ;)

  2. I know, I'm constantly questioning whether things look good together. Although we really don't have that much modern inspired stuff. I just figure that it's a representation of our personalities, a mish mash of stuff. ;)


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