Monday, December 17

mySTYLE :: southwestern appeal

There many different terms for what I feel falls into the "southwestern" trend category.
Southwestern. Navajo. Aztec. Ikat.
They all embrace the same earthy, native quality.
I remember being obsessed with all things southwest when I was a kid.
I think our frequent family trips to New Mexico and Colorado,
helped to seal this "trend" as a lasting one in my book.

Love this wall hanging.
Depending on the size, I would most likely hang it over my bed.

This rug's muted colors and bold print would be wonderful in a kitchen or bathroom.

Um, I'm going to have to add this iPhone case to my ever growing list of ones I need want.

In addition to the fabulous moccasin boots in my wishLIST post,
these loafer style moccasins would be a staple in my closet.
BTW - unbeknownst to me at the time, there are multiple southwestern inspired items on that list. ;)

Ah, the turquoise statement ring.
I really, REALLY want one.
Fun fact - turquoise has been my favorite stone since I was in elementary school.

I'm not sure if these are towels, or scarfs, or blankets, but whatever they are they need to be hanging in my home...stat.


The dreamcatcher. 
Such a cool and unique piece of folklore.
And, not to sound like a complete and utter dope
but they can just be SO PRETTY.  


I swear Anthropologie has some of the prettiest bedding.
 This Navajo inspired set included.
Love the sweet color scheme. 


This skirt is just gorgeous.
And mixed in with the sparkly top?


I would love to have this hanging as a wall print in my hallway.
Talk about a palette of my favorite colors. 


Love, love, LOVE the fabric/beads woven through the beachy hair in conjunction with the muted feather earring.
I would wear this ALL the time. 


These faux feather earrings add a little extra pizazz and punch to the typically earthy feel of native inspired items.


Not only am I a fan of cardigans,
but cardigans in fun prints and colors?
Get outta here! 


Even though this is a folding chair,
I would gladly replace all of my dining room chairs with a set of these.


What do you think of the southwest trend?
Yay or nay?

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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