Tuesday, January 8

new projects for the new year

I've always found that many people, myself included, get super inspired by the start of a new year.
This year I didn't make any specific resolutions because I know, as always, I will inevitably break them.
I do however, have several mental and physical lists detailing things I would like to accomplish this year.
Since they aren't technically "resolutions", it takes some of the heat off me. ;)

A lot of the what I have an itch to do are little crafty projects, both for me and others to enjoy.
So, I thought I'd share a few of my top ones here.

1. Gallery wall(s).
This is the very first project I want to tackle.
The hubs and I have taken SO MANY pictures over the years.
Want to know how many are displayed.
Very few. And most that are displayed are at least several years old.
I'm ashamed to admit, that out of all the photos I have taken of Lawson, there is a grand total of one picture hanging up. 
He was 5 weeks old when it was taken.
So sad.
I have a bunch of frames waiting to be hung and a TON of pictures on my computer just waiting to be printed out.
The first things I want to do is spray paint all of my frames white, that way even if they don't necessarily match they still "match".
Then comes the hard part, go through our thousands of photos and choose the ones that will make it onto our walls.
Then, of course, placement and the actual hanging.
Geez. I'm tired already. Maybe this will be my only project this year.
But in all seriousness, though it's a big undertaking, I know that I will be SO happy when it's done.
Here is an idea of what I'm envisioning. 

2. Entryway coatrack/backpack hanger.
This project caught my eye a long time ago.
Currently, the kiddos' backpacks are hanging near our coat closet on push pins, and my purse gets thrown on the coat closet doorknob.
Not the MOST unsightly thing ever, but it could definitely use some improvement.
I am quite enamored with decorative knobs and often find myself perusing them online. 
Anthropologie has wonderful ones. As does Hobby Lobby.
I think this type of hanger is my answer.

The knobs also remind me that I need to get new ones for the kids' dresser.
It has been practically knob-less for probably two years (or more). For Shame.
I do love the look of an assortment of knobs on one piece of furniture.

3. Personalized coffee mugs.
I've seen so many versions of this on Pinterest, but the one that really caught my eye was the tutorial on A Beautiful Mess
I've heard the success rate for this project is all over the map, but it seems cheap and easy enough to warrant a test run by yours truly.
A dollar store mug, a sharpie, a steady hand and an oven are all you'll need.
I would love to own some of these myself, and if the results are positive (and if I'm artistic enough), these would be super cool and unique gifts.


4. Faux headboard.
The hubs and I don't have a headboard and have very little decor in our room, so basically behind our bed is a BIG. BLANK. WALL.
This needs to be remedied.
I'm not exactly sure what to do just yet.
I want something easy and CHEAP and whimsical.
So I'm thinking I might have to make do with a banner of some sort for now. 
We'll see.
Here are a few inspiring pictures (both cheap & easy and, well, not).

5. Magnets
It's no secret, I heart magnets. 
I have a bunch of them, some homemade (by myself and others); some not.
But I would like to make some more.
This will scratch my crafting itch in a super simple and affordable way.
Plus, have I mentioned that magnets make me happy?!
And, for these babies, all I would have to buy is the wood.

Obviously this in no way whatsoever begins to even scratch the surface of my project to do list, 
but it will have to do for now.
As I get them marked off my list, I will definitely be sure to post about it.
Expect it to be slow going.
I'm a busy woman and I also have several little projects on my mind for a certain little girl's birthday in April (more on that soon). ;)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. Great list! I need to work on our behind-the-bed art, too.

    As for the mugs, you can also buy porcelain paint pens. I made a couple of mugs for Colt using them a couple of Christmases ago. They're not cheap, but might last longer than the Sharpie route?

  2. Go to a salvage yard and get an old door for a headboard! They look cool:) ~Mom~

  3. love the backpack hanger/entryway thing. so cute!


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