Sunday, February 10

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Today is the start of a SUPER busy week for me.
Lots of work, saying good-bye to friends, and of course, all the other stuff that comes around on a normal basis.
But I'm good with it. As long as this week will be, I will also do my best to savor it, and be thankful for it.
I was recently given a promotion at one of my jobs.
It was most definitely a godsend; something that I've been hoping for for awhile now.
Unfortunately, in getting this promotion I will also be losing the companionship of two wonderful coworkers who, over the past year and a half, have also become friends of mine.
But they are moving on to their own wonderful adventures, so there is definitely excitement in the air, 
both for myself and for them.
In making this change, I'm also having to deal with something that has been a lifelong struggle for me, the fear of letting someone down.
I'll be moving several of my shifts over from a different job to this one and while I truly have no second thoughts about that decision (it's in our best interest and I've been working at this place for longer), I still hate feeling like I could've possibly offended someone.
I know it's something that I just really need to shake off, and something I'm probably playing up in my head, a whole lot more than it needs to be.
But I digress, this is who I am, and I'm learning to deal with it.

Isn't the above picture so sweet?!
I have to admit, one of the pet peeves I have about reading blogs is that, most of the time, you only see the perfect.
I read a lot of "mommy" blogs and more often than not people only post about the "mommy ups", not the "mommy downs" (myself included).
This can lead to major mama guilt and a feeling of failure, since it's completely natural, as a mom, to compare yourself to other moms.
Let me tell you, the above moment was sweet, and that's the reason I caught a snapshot of it,
because it was a sweet moment bookended by a LOT of not so sweet moments.
Of course, it didn't help that this was during the witching hour, better known as dinner prep, but Lawson was being awful!
The little guy had barely taken a nap and was in a terrible mood.
Crying, whining, fussing, and no matter what Audrey and I tried to do he just wasn't snapping out of it.
I was on my last calm(ish) mama thread and that was about ready to snap.
But the picture is cute, nonetheless. :)

You guys, I am so pumped in life right now.
It's definitely a good time.
Things are progressing on the job front and I am playing around with other "money making" options, which are causing me to delve into a hobby that I never even thought twice about (more on that soon), until a few months ago.
I spend 95% of my free time at home with my kiddos and the hubs, and that is quite honestly, my absolute favorite place to be.
My littles are amazing, even when driving me nuts and my hubs is, by far, my best friend in the whole world.
It's a pretty normal thing for one of us to comment on how much we love the dynamic in our relationship.
I've recently taken up a new exercise endeavor, one that I've been putting off for a long time, but it's going so good.
And maybe it's because I'm turning 30 this year, but I'm really learning about what I want in life and what I want said life surrounded by.
Cheers to self discovery!

Happy Sunday to you all!

peace, love, and all things sparkly.

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