Friday, February 1

five fancies on a friday

Hello all and a happy Friday to you!

Are you as excited for the weekend as I am?
My weekends are definitely not super traditional as I work 7-8 hours every single Sunday, but I still relish my time at home with my family on Friday nights and Saturdays.
It's definitely my favorite time of the week.
Any big plans for you this weekend?

Let's jump right into this week's fancies.

In October of this year I will be turning the big 3-0, and considering I never really "do up" my birthday, I decided awhile back that I will be having a shindig this year.
There will be lots of color and texture and FUN!
I am absolutely in love with all of the different honeycomb balls in this picture.
I really never thought that a simple, inexpensive honeycomb ball would be so enticing, but I am all but guaranteeing that there will be a plethora of them at my dirty thirty party.

Something I've been thinking of a lot lately, and truth be told something that has become a way of life for me and the hubs, is being thankful for whatever we have (be it physical or not).
Sure life doesn't ever go 100% perfect, and let me tell you, we've had our share of trials, but there is definitely always something to be thankful for.

I love this ring!
The simplicity of the design combined with the off kilter placement has me drooling.

The hubs wants a goat.
I want an owl.
I mean, c'mon, how cute is this little guy?!

While most (sane?) people just like to admire glitter from afar, I seriously don't mind that this seemingly innocent craft supply gets EVERYWHERE.
It actually makes me smile when I random traces of glitter on my kids or my countertops.
Which is why I think this idea is FABULOUS.
Glitter "emergency" pills. 
You just carry them around with you and if you get to a point where you can use a dose of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns, just pop one of these open and toss the glitter around.
I'd totally do it.

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. What a lovely ring! :D I WANT!

  2. You are so cute. And you know where to find me if you need any party planning assistance. <3

  3. Mandy - Aw, shucks! And I will most definitely be calling on you for party assistance! :)


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