Sunday, April 28

summer 'to do' list.

To say that I'm excited about the upcoming summer would be an understatement.
As I type this my workload is slowly winding down (I have more work during the school year than in the summer months).
While my wallet is not overly thrilled with this, I can't help but be excited to have a bit more time to myself, doing things that I enjoy.
I have a really hard time just sitting back and relaxing sometimes,
especially when life is busy.
I feel like there's always something that needs to get done, or something that I'm falling behind on.
But I've decided to make a bit of a summer resolution, if you will, to enjoy myself more.
I will never be fully caught up on the laundry, or the dishes.
I have two young children and live in a two bedroom apartment; there will, inevitably, be toys scattered throughout my home.
No matter how many times I pick them up.
This is not to say that I will let everything go and become sloth-like or anything,
but some downtime involved in a tv show or reading book after book or spending more time working on my blog will be good for me.
I intend to use the extra bit of free time I have this summer to recharge, for come the Fall, things will be crazy busy again.

In order to do this I have decided to make a 'to watch' and 'to read' list for the summer.
There are countless shows on Netflix and Hulu Plus that I can't wait to watch, and while I won't be able to even make a significant dent in that list, I can definitely mark a few off.
Same goes for books.

Right now, I have picked up again on the show Parenthood (I actually started watching this a few months back, then life just got busier), and I have to tell you, all the good things you hear about this show are absolutely true.

As far as books go, I'm finishing up The Infernal Devices trilogy and I already have several books lined up to read after.
Most likely I will end up making a Summer 2013 To Read shelf on Goodreads.

That brings me around to the purpose of this post.
If you have any must watch tv shows or must read books to recommend, please do so!
I've found that some of the best of both worlds have been found by recommendation.

What are you planning on watching/reading this summer?

peace, love and all things sparkly.

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  1. I'm planning to finish the two A Song of Ice and Fire books I've yet to read, and to finish the Beautiful Creatures series (I haven't read the final 2 books there, either). Finally, I'm on book 2 of 7 in my HP Reread, so I'll make some progress on that, too. Aside from that, I've just recently reorganized my Goodreads shelves so that they're closer to accurate regarding what's actually on my Kindle, and I think I'll just start reading one eBook and one tangible book til I've made it through the summer.

    As for tv watching - it's my goal to get caught up on Doctor Who and perhaps Torchwood, depending on how quickly I can move through them (at present I have 3 seasons left of DW & haven't started Torchwood). I'd also like to make my way through one of the eleventy million other shows from the BBC that I've got waiting on me on Netflix.

    We'll see how it all goes. ;)


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