Tuesday, August 20


It has been SO long since I've posted regularly and I've so missed posting my little mash ups of random pretty pictures that I find.
And I honestly can't wait until Friday to do this, so here is a special 'pretties.' post.

I really want to make this piece of pom pom art.
And while it might be a little time consuming, it would be super simple to make.
Something like this would be so fun for my kiddos' shared room!

I know this picture is super random, but I am just in LOVE with the color of the building and shutters.

Neon has obviously made a HUGE comeback and while I'm definitely a fan, I don't want everything to be super bright.
I love the simplicity of the tabletop with the bright pop of color on the edge and legs.

This is a motto that I need to remind myself almost daily.
I most often hear this in conjunction with being a parent, and it is so, so true.

And lastly, I wish that I had the bone structure to be able to pull of a bunch of bracelets flawlessly.
Personally I think that most bracelets look funny on me, but it doesn't mean I don't dream of wearing something like this.

I'm hoping to get back into blogging more regularly, so keep checking back for more!

peace, love and all things sparkly.

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