Tuesday, August 27

slowing down

Admission time :: I get easily overwhelmed.
Most people tend to not see this side of me, I hide it pretty well, most of the time.
Unfortunately, my hubs and the kiddos see the best of me AND the worst of me.
They get the pleasure of being around me when all of those overwhelming feelings surface.
Fortunately, Bryan and I have tried to set our lives up in a way where we don't pile on a whole lot of extra stress.
But even though we have the best of intentions, we are living life.
We have jobs, bills, kids, and above all, we are human.
Which means, there are times when life is stressful.
Times when I'm stressed.
And I'm currently working on bettering how I react to those times.
Now, I don't want to put the notion in your head that I'm this tyrant that is always moody.
That is so not the truth.
But I know that I can do even better on my outward, and even on my inward, reactions to stress and overwhelming feelings.

This is one (of the many) benefits that I foresee when it comes to homeschooling.
I know, I know, I've been talking a lot about homeschooling lately, but this is a HUGE change in our lives, so it's impacting a lot of different areas.
While I will have the additional stress of having both kids home at all times and having to teach one on top of that, my schedule will be much smoother.
Last school year I spent SO much time rushing from place to place.
Trying to squeeze everything into my few hours of "off" time here and there.
I was spending up wards of 3+ hours in the car on most days, plus working nearly full time hours, having a toddler, shuttling the older child to and from school, keeping up with the house, spending quality time with the hubs and trying to keep at least a a small bit of a social life.

This year I'm so excited about the extra time that I will have, since I won't be taking Audrey to and from school everyday.
Sidenote :: we live to close to the school for her to ride the bus and too far for her to walk/ride her bike on her own.
No more of Lawson's naps interrupted by us having to leave to pick Audrey up.
No more sitting in the car in the school's parking lot so that said naps can get taken, at least a little.
No more having to figure out what to do with myself and a toddler when we have that odd amount of time, that is both too much and too little, between dropping sister off and having to be at work.
These extra periods of time are already proving to be heavenly!


Also, I'm getting to spend more one on one time with Audrey, which has been great.
I know she was struggling with that last school year.
So often I would only see her during the times that I was rushing around.
During her free time in the evenings, I would be at work most of the time.
Now she can come with me, since I'm not as concerned about super early bedtimes.
This all also helps me to not feel so guilty when I spend a little time out with my girlfriends.
I'm really hopeful that this major change in our lives will be great for my stress levels.
I know that not feeling like a chicken running around with my head cut off, will help immensely.
I love my life and the people in it too much to not be fully enjoying the ride. :)

peace, love, and all things sparkly.


  1. playing catch up on your blog, skimming through and this post I can reallllly relate to. thank you so much for sharing. pleeease keep sharing all things homeschool. I need to document and share our journey as well, and your blog inspires me to get my butt in gear. :)

  2. You are so welcome! And I will keep on posting. Blogging is kind of like cheap therapy for me. ;) I do hope you start posting about homeschooling, I love to read about others who are taking the same journey!! <3

  3. Wonderful inspirational images, Jen. And I can't even imagine how you get it all done. You're a true hero!


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